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    A one month self promotion brief.
// In preparation for my Self Promotion brief in the second year of my degree, we were set the brief of inventing a piece of promotional material that would best communicate our creative abilities, within a one month time frame.

// My material is based upon the concept of a treasure hunt, in which my tutor would have to solve riddles in order to reveal the location of the next clue, which would in turn direct him to me, who would then be able to solve his design problems.

// The material consists of instruction cards, clue cards and envelopes, clue disks and a clue board, a business card and an alarm clock.

// The material not only stands alone as an individual piece of design but also documents my previous design work, a portfolio with a twist, each clue card also representing the letters of my name.

// Photographs showing the finished products coming soon!
// Designs printed onto manilla envelopes