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    iFast is an application for the iPhone to make your workflow smoother with applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite.
Imagine you don’t have to move your mouse to the toolbar so often when you’re creating a document in Photoshop. Ofcoarse we have shortcuts, but shouldn’t a shortcut really be a shortcut? Just one button you have to press instead of the cmd key + ‘x’? Here’s iFast!\
What does it do?
iFast is an application for the iPhone which makes working behind your beloved Mac a lot easier & faster. By placing the iPhone next to your keyboard or MacBook, -Pro or Air you’ll get an extention of your keyboard.
Only this keyboard is completely customizable so that you’ll have the shortcuts (with a maximum of 12) on the screen you use the most.
How does it work?
By the use of the internal bluetooth radio of the iPhone and a Mac computer there is a wireless connection which will send the shortcut commands to the computer.
iFast works for every application. Popular programs who depends on the use of shortcuts like the Adobe Creative Suite are already inside iFast. Other applications are easy to add to iFast, so you can have that smooth workflow you’ve always wished for!
Where can I buy this application?
Unfortunately this application doesn’t really excists. It’s just an idea for a really good application. I don’t have the skills to write a iPhone application, but if someone wants to build this application, don’t hesitate to contact me. We can probably work something out!