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    A chalkboard collaboration between Eric Friedensohn
Recently, I got the chance to collaborate with Eric Friedensohn. We worked on creating two chalkboard pieces at MKG's offices. This was the first time that him and I really got to work together like this.
We went into the project having no idea what we would draw. No concepts, no color scheme, just an open mind.  
At the offices of MKG studio, they have their core values on the wall. One of those values is to "Bring your funky self." Both Eric and I felt that it would be a great phrase to illustrate on their chalkboard wall.  
This was the only sketch that we had going into the project. Eric and I and sketched out a layout and set our variables. When working on a style, its important to define the variables so that you know what you can manipulate. Weight, slant contrast, sharpness, and overall style were defined so that we knew what each other would be drawing.
Eric drew the word Funky, and I drew the word self. Both Eric and I hardly ever work in color so we pushed ourselves to do so. We chose contrasting colors that clashed because we felt that it would be funky. This chalk board lettering collaboration was a blast. I can't wait to do many more.