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    One of the first Vectors I done, like this. I used Adobe Illustrator CS4 only here.
Awe of She Version 02
Her Emperors

This is a personal project  I done, just to see how far i could push the Adobe ® Illustrator. I dont know if i really have achieve that. This is the very first project i done like this, so hopefully i would do more like. I wanted to tell an story through all my work. unfortunately  many people don't clearly  see.

Story shorty
The Almighty powers of she. Truly intriguing and high over her beliefs. Fulfill with all needs an wants,
that could ever be. Supreme over all, Illusory from her beauty,Sway Trinity to her desire,Holding on her left the fruit of knowledge,Delusion lights of intriguing for man, So the universe revolves around her.
Her Almighty Emperors
As Far she consider. never dare to look over. what her truly  how woe is her life really. Way too stubborn, to Believe How great she could really be. 

Won't never ask  for anything the likes of you(AD)
i want to put as mush as details i could without over doing. this is a close up  of the face. its all Vector onus again.
I had fun Designing the whole work. I also learned  so many function from Illustrator. i wanted give a 3D look to the three circles, which is representing trinity. Also ad some reflections. So would look almost real.
The background Space i designed fully in Abode Illustrator.  I made some research  on space before i ever got  started. I Google some space n galaxy images. I watch some video documentary from National Geographic The Known Universe. I have also wanted to show the zodiac sign Scorpio
The flowers are there cox sometimes when I look up close it dose seem like the space lights shaped like one. So i choose two tape, Water lily & dead rose's.  to make the art more filling n lively. For me I wanted to view the  space & feel its actually expanding n also dying at the same time .
All the layers selected
Body Frame. Outlines .
AWE OF SHE 02 DONE 11-11-11