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    24"-48" Oil Paint
“Who are we?" and "how do we develop our identity?" For me the answer has been and continues to be found by balancing out portions of our selves. Through our struggles we reach triumphs by gaining a new perspective and understanding of the other side. Beginning to find the answers to these questions I look first to the act of creation. Our life journey inspires our creations, and those creations become expressions of our selves. This image is of me looking at my surroundings, which the reflection in the mirror shows to be of the art I have created.
My art is a reflection of my surroundings and a response to it. It is as equally as important in who I am as how my surroundings are what I’ve made them out to be. As the artwork displayed in the mirror becomes clearer and the eyes become visible, I come to a better understanding of my life, the role that art has on it, and ultimately, who I am.
24"-48" Oil Paint