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    A project I worked for design consultancy Modla.
The final 3D printed model ready for mounting.  Each component was professionally finished, sprayed and assembled.
The Inmidtown 3D logo was a project I was responsible for during my time working for 3D print design consultancy Modla.  I had to create a 3D version of In Midtown's bumblebee corporate logo to be mounted on  the collection vans.
Using the 2D logo as a platform to construct the 3D model, I had to design a model that could be made from individual components that could be finished, sprayed and assembled.
Through research and experience I built up a good understanding of the technical capabilities, limitations and tolerances of the 3D printer.  This was crucial for designing components that would fit together and form a solid final model.  Once the model had been printed, it was finished and sprayed by a professional finisher.  
A component view of one half of the model in Solidowrks.
A render of the model.
3D printed using fused deposition modelling techniques.  The components are laid out, some in their raw printed form, some with a layer of primer paint.
A view showing a part assembled model prior to finishing.
The 2D logo.
The final 3D printed model will be mounted to the cage, above the driver cabin.