Making of NBC's 2015 Super Bowl Opening
Rodeo FX crafted close to 80 VFX shots for the opening of the NBC Sports broadcast of NFL Super Bowl XLIX, including CG holographic roman numerals that display behind performer Carrie Underwood on a virtual stage before 60,000 simulated fans. The result of this collaboration with production company Bodega Studios is a stunning broadcast intro viewed by nearly 115 million people!
Client: NBC Sports
NBC Sports
Coordinating Producer: Fred Gaudelli
SVP Creative: Mark Levy
VP Creative Director/Director: Tripp Dixon
Senior Associate Director: Charlie Vanacore
Bodega (production company)
Creative Director: Haley Geffen
Head of Production: Michael Flexner
Line Producer: Rayna Saslove
Director of Photography: Chuck Ozeas
Production Designer: Evan Rohde
Rodeo FX (VFX & post-production)
Visual Effects & Motion Design: Rodeo FX
Post Production: Rodeo FX
Executive Supervisor/Producer: Sébastien Moreau
Creative Director & Colorist: André Ü Montambeault
Producer: Ashlee Wismach
Executive Producer: Camille Geier
Lead Compositor: Pierre Blain
Lead Motion Designer: Jocelyn Tremblay
CG Supervisor: Sébastien Francoeur 
VFX On-Set Supervisor: Robert Bock
VFX Coordinator: Roxanne Geoffrey 
Concept Artist: Francesco Corvino
Matte Painter: Florent Lebrun
CG Artist: Jean-Philippe Voyer
Digital Compositor: Philippe Pelletier 
Digital Compositor: Mickael Goussard
Production Assistant: Mathieu Arvisais 
Flame Assistant: Mathieu Taggart
Northern Lights (Editing)
Editor: Alan Chimenti
Executive Producer: Robin Hall
Assistant Editor: Tim Avery
Making of NBC's 2015 Super Bowl Opening

Making of NBC's 2015 Super Bowl Opening

Nearly 115 million ‪‎football‬ fans enjoyed the high-energy opening of the ‪Super Bowl XLIX‬ on NBC. Take a look at our exciting ‪‎VFX‬ ‎making o Read More