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    Redesign of Løitens Aquavit.
The redesign symbolizes and celebrates the quintessence of Løiten and its norwegian origins. 
After an accurate research in the destillery archive, a sense of pride has been reintroduced to the brand. 
Løiten Brænderi was founded in 1855, as a collaboration between small farm distilleries in the area. 
In 1874, Løiten Brænderis destillation was established in Oslo, with the purpose of refining the spirit with herbs and spices.  
The new Løiten identity now contains hand-crafted elements and design elements that have not previously been part of the brand. The result bring the products together as a family and reconnects the brand to it´s audience with the richness and authenticity of Løitens extraordinary history.

Photo by Tommy Andresen
Custum typography Stefan Ellmer