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    Revised personal branding.
There were still elements of my Personal Branding I wasn't 100% sure on, and felt the idea I had could be further developed and simplified at the same time (see Personal Branding 2015). 
I also feel that now I am in a different position as I am employed part-time as a Junior Graphic Designer, I do not need a portfolio as such to send out to clients for placements, internships and jobs at the moment. As I carry out freelance and commissioned work also, I do need basic branding to give to potential clients, and to take to events when meeting new contacts.
I want something which can be adapted as I progress in my career and become more specialised in the field I want to work in, Fashion. At present, for freelance work and meeting new/existing clients, I need a basic letterhead, business card and invoice, as well as a working website. I also want to include a CD with a mini-teaser portfolio showcasing examples of my work relevant to the client and project at hand. By doing so, the content can be easily and quickly adapted to the job being pitched for, tailoring the portfolio as to what the client wants and needs to see.

To resolve this problem, I have stripped the branded elements back to basics, removing the need of printed portfolio books, and using a digital version to send to clients and employers instead. Opposed to having a complex range of branded elements, I wanted something simple yet impactful, therefore decided on having a range of interchangable and adaptable pieces of branded stationery. 
The bold, bright and playful aesthetic reflects the visuals, colour, typography and imagery used in my work, allowing for a fun, retro, feminine and 90s tone to be portrayed, as reflected through my completed works.
Thankyou for Looking and Appreciating!