Completely Custom Proposal Design
A children's hospital RFP response for construction services
Below are theimages for the custom designed pieces used in a large, complex proposal forconstruction services for a children's hospital. The design mimics theprimary-colored wave design of the rendering of the building that is to beconstructed for the hospital (see 'play' button on the right side of thebinder interior and the DVD case back and also on one of the sides of the bookmark). Also the hospital's slogan ('Hope lives here.') and their marketingdevice ('Fast Forward’) were employed as well.  The 'fast forward button'is the excavation of the jobsite that will soon become their new building andthe 'play button' is a rendering of that building.

The binder, below,is a 3" D-ring binder that was fully wrapped.  The waving lines onthe exterior are reflected and connected to the wavy lines in theinterior. (Fun note: the child on the cover is an actual Turner employee'schild.)

The proposalemployed over 60 different tabs.  Below are samples for each differenttype of tab. 
- Dark blue(Turner's color) tabs with white wavy lines are section dividers (4different tabs each). 
- Light blue tabswith multi-colored wavy lines (like the binder cover) are major sub-sectiondividers (8 different tabs each). (Each has a different children's hospitalwhich was built by Turner.)
- Full colored tabswith white wavy lines are sub sections of the previous (38 different tabs in 5different colors). (Different colors denote different sections, and eachsection has a different child on it.)
- White tabs withcolored wavy lines are sub sections of the previous (12 different tabs each,the green section was the only one to have this type of tab). 

Each page of theproposal had the same 3-color wavy lines with Turner's logo as well as a bar atthe bottom with the title of the proposal and a 'fast forward button' and a'play button'.  The differences in the pages can be seen in the 'buttons'on the bottom, the circle pictures in the top corner (where applicable),call-out boxes (where applicable), or floating picture's borders (whereapplicable).  Those items each reflected the color of the section thereader was in.  For instance, if the reader was looking at a project teammember's resume then those items were blue, but if they were reading about aproject's work plan then those items would be green. This device helpedreader's keep in mind what section they were currently in.

Since the binderwas very large (over 560 pages), I also designed a bookmark for the readers tobe able to keep their place easily.  Each bookmark was cut down by-handand laminated, then hole punched with a silver tassel added (tassels werepurchased).

Also given to theclient was a CD of the collected PDF of the binder.  To mimic the binder,white DVD cases were purchased and I reworked the interior of our binder andmade that the cover for the DVD case.  The outside cover of the binder wasused as the CD's label.  Finally, the Table of Contents was also reworkedand re-sized to be cut-down and place inside the DVD case.