Commercial Calligraphy 2014
Logotype for an Online Site.
However, we do not know whether this site has ever been realized.
Classic Handwriting for a Package Design Project.
Product: Whisky
Proposal for an International Dance Show.
Unfortunately rejected.
Fitness is based on many Aspects,
Sport and a balanced, healthy Diet included.
JC's FitKitchen provides the appropriate food. 
Work in Progress
One example of the development of a number of different logotypes
for a very well known product brand. Package Design for baby food.
Calligraphy for Lorna Earnshaw, a Singer, Composer and Vocal Coach.
A rough, very artistic Type. The Client asked exactly for that.
A custom made Type for an Editorial Project.
Römer Pils is a Category Name for a Type of Beer.
Commercial Calligraphy for Package Design Project.
Logotype for a Pub.
Personal Signature for a great Retouching Artist.
A very prominent Name in a very striking typographic Presentation.
Dilly is the Name for an Advertising Agency.
Logotype for a Package Design Project.

The Panther ...
Calligraphic Title for a Children's Book by the magnificent Illustrator Julia Nüsch.
A beautiful Book.
Calligraphic Profession of Faith against any form of Bullying.
Presented on T-Shirts.
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