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    Car serie - Lebanon 2011
A year later,
I knew I ought to do something with these photos

Do you ever look at the people driving in the car next to you?
Driving the car,

It all started when I was once stuck in traffic.
This car was driving by my side but I wouldn’t dare to turn and look at this couple.
So I took out my Lomography camera and shot those two photographs without even checking my frame.
It was the first time that I feel such a rush of blood to my heart and head.
As if I just robbed one famous photograph and I was running away with it.
It’s not about the car itself.
That car took part of their personality, it became one of the precious objects they own,
it’s not even an object anymore.
When I see one particular car, cruising along the road, I follow it, wanting to see who’s driving it.
And when I finally catch it again, I start smiling, realising that I was running after an image that crossed my mind for a few seconds and that I was dead to immortalise it.
Sometimes I’d take the shot I wanted, sometimes I’d just miss it.
And then.
The photographs are developped.
Looking at them is like discovering a hidden treasure,
because I finally get to closer observe the car and the person driving.
The photograph I’ve taken confirms then my thought: cars go with their owners.
Owners relate to their car.
And most of all, the car, the owner and the place where the shot have been taken.
In this chaotic world, where nothing seems at the right place in the right moment,
I suddenly realise that everything is actually fitting in its place.
The driver in his car, the car and the buildings all around, the colors and the shapes, the lights and the shadows.
“Le monde est bien décevant vu dans une perspective générale, vu dans le détail il est toujours d’une évidence parfaite. Il y a toujours un instant à saisir, ou l’être le plus banal donne à voir son
identité secrète.”
Always a bride, happily newly married.