The Third Image - Logo for wedding photography studio
The Third Image
Logo design for professional wedding photography company
The Third Image is more than just name, it's an attitude that defines the way we work. It's a desire to capture the decisive moment. It's pursuit to reveal the true you. It's a relationship of trust and respect. It's employing techniques that produce serendipitous results. It's the three-strand cord that holds us together (Ecclesiastes 4:12). It's the work of Jesus Christ in our lives. And it's the cohesive bond that Scott and I share with one another. Together, as team, we are able to accomplish far more than working alone. When all these things come together we are - The Third Image.

Fragment from "What's in a name" artist statement article was main inspiration for me when creating logo and brief as well.
The <3 symbol
The Third Image company philosophy and visual interpretation of the concept behind the logo: 1+1<3
The Third Image logo
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Fragment from design process