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    I came to UX through a combination of graphic design, web design, internet marketing, and sales pipeline design and strategy. The process of de… Read More
    I came to UX through a combination of graphic design, web design, internet marketing, and sales pipeline design and strategy. The process of designing these sales funnels involves a strategic planning approach - that is, starting from a discovery process taking into account markets and stakeholders, and matching a company’s sales goals with software and services within their budget. Once determined, a marketing plan is built, software ordered, services acquired, and it’s then all ‘hooked up’ online. UX seemed like a natural extension of this process because it continues the development process by refining that sales funnel from within the client’s domain, but much of the discovery, ties to ROI, and general philosophy are the same. Read Less
Product Design / Ownership
Here is a peek into the development of the XimoRocks website for 2014.
Flexbox and Responsive Design ::
In mid 2014 Ximo launched a marketing campaign called ‘Ximo365’.
It was targeted toward a health and fitness demographic.
I researched and built nearly a dozen adaptive pages for various individual distributors.  I learned flex box and built the sites, and created an ad-hoc payment pipeline in a week.  
Recent Site Mockup
Wireframe and site mockup for a recent client.
Wireframe for Resposnsive Design States
Desktop, Tablet and Phone screen states for 3 Pages.
StagePlot Guru
iPad App :: UI, UX, Design and Illustration
Main Screen
Sales Portal within App
Stage Builder screen
(I also built the iPad image in adobe Illustrator!)
iPhone App, Opening Screen :: Design, Illustration, UI.  
1 second animation loop.  
Marketing Logistics
Marketing Logistics :: Various assets and sketches.
This little tool was built for determining the cost of an ad campaign based on the ‘Cost’ of the various contributors in the pipeline.  Do you want your most expensive guy spending their time tweeting or writing blogs?  Your recent hire researching or editing?  
Sketch for a similar method for designing campaigns around personality types.
Simple map of various KPIs housed within which data silo of a sales funnel.
More Model Sketches.
Breakdown of various useful portals/services of an online marketing structure.
The home site in the middle, internal on the left, external on the right.
Personal site structure.  Sketch.
Scopetechs was a project I took part in during 2012.
My role was as ‘Marketing Technologist’.  I designed cool stuff, then hooked it up to other stuff I designed.
Logo/Identity Design
3D Model of Online Presence.
Early Working mockup.sketch of Scopetechs website.  Wordpress.
Internal Documents for Scopetechs.
Used during the discovery, development, and communication of Market Strategy.
Diagrams designed for Document.
Diagrams designed for Document.
Scopetechs Documents
ScopeTechs Collateral
An Example of a bid, built by the Scopetechs team, used during project negotiation.  I designed (and hand illustrated) the proposal.  It was meant to flex some ‘branding capability muscles’ for the client’s delight.