SEEAR derives from the words: see and hear. It is a project in which young designers and musicians
collaborate to produce audiovisual art to communicate through both major human senses. The main
role of the project is interactivity, achieved by actively engaging the public in the creative process.

Having as a theme the "Playground" for this year's SEEAR Project ( , we designed it's visual communication, the goal of which was to remind of childhood.

We decided to design typographically using handmade elements, so we ended up creating the letters out of small beads we found. We created a grid for the letters to be designed and put out the white beads since the work would be photographed on white background when finished.

2200 beads were used to complete the letters/lines.
Big Letters : 1.200 psl.
Small Caps : 800 psl.
Lines : 200 psl.
Rejected Logo proposal.

We also designed a new logo proposal for the seear exhibition tha is only type and gives tha chance to
show the theme of each years exhibiton and also shows clearly where the name seear came from.

Special thanks to Sébastien Nikolaou for the website development and
Charis Sfakianakis from Marios Theologis studio for the photoshoot of the letters.
SEEAR Playground