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    UrbanCONE’s task is to create micro- climate suitable to the expectations of each individual.Modern people lives in a world in which polluted, … Read More
    UrbanCONE’s task is to create micro- climate suitable to the expectations of each individual.Modern people lives in a world in which polluted, solid air do- minates in urbanized everyday life. Each of us needs the support of UrbanCONE. UrbanCONE has been participated in the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 and was awarded 3rd prize among over 1,700 projects from 43 countries. Read Less
Electrolux DesignLab 2014
3rd Prize Winner
I live in a small city in south of Poland, in Silesia. The Silesia is the region with many coal mines and factories. In Rydułtowy we have a big coal mine. In past we had dirty and most polluted air. I studied in Kraków. Kraków has very smoggy and polluted air. The people who live in Kraków use many cars and warm their houses by coal. When I observed them I thought about “What I can do for these people”. I thought about the idea of small objects which clean their air and make their life better. I imagined a story about a little jellyfishes which fly around us and clean our air. The jellyfish is my important inspiration. It is amazing creature which lives in the sea or lake and swims from darkness to the light. I like their move. It is very gracious and beautiful in my opinion. I chose this as my idea.

The movement of UrbanCONE is a very important (move and duration is a very important and philosophical aspect in design, we must thinking about movements design). The UrbanCONEs move influence our subconscious. It makes us think about breathing and life. The UrbanCONE has the two types of wings.

The upper black wings and the main wings like a Spanish personal fan with installed filters under these wings. When the UrbanCONE moves their wings it cleans, filters and makes the circulation of the air. Pollutions are cumulated on the core and after we can clean it in water. The UrbanCONE is a intelligent personal robot. In tail section it has a drive motor with a microcomputer which connects with us. When it’s
full it comes back to us and moves its wings slower.

All UrbanCONE is built from supermaterial. This is a very light and strong material. It is inspired by the bone structure or iron structure. We can make it in 3d printer for example in factories or your homes. Thanks to it the UrbanCONE can flying upper our heads. In additions the UrbanCONE has two different materials. First one is a photovoltaic material. Thanks to him the UrbanCONE can charge his battery all time and can flight many hours. This material is installed on the top bigger wings of UrbanCONE. And the second one is the microfiber material in filters of UrbanCONE. This material pulls each dirty and pollutions from smoged air.

UrbanCONE is a very personal device. We can customize it and adapt to us. We can change their filtersand choose different smells and different colors depending on our moods and seems. The UrbanCONEhas a social aspect. The people with the same likes can meet thanks to it. Where is the more people thereare more and more UrbanCONEs. The UrbanCONE is very friendly and safe. It’s a small little personal friend which is accompanying us and flying around us wherever we go, whatever we do. It can change the temperature around us, change environment or make the clean and fresh air.

The UrbanCONE makes the personal atmosphere around us. Nowadays we spend more and more time outside our homes. I believe that in future people may have smaller and smaller flats where they only sleep. In my opinion the public space will be transformed into the personal space, because we spent many hours in public spaces for example our jobs, streets or different. In conclusion nowadays when we think about healthy homes we must think about healthy cities. In my opinion the healthy homes are safe homes where we can control more aspects around us. Thanks to UrbanCONE we can control many of these in exteriors and interiors, and tell the story about beautiful and comfortable life each day.

How this concept will change peoples’ lives?
UrbanCONE is a “modern Chinese lantern”, by means of which we can pursue our dreams of clear air and healthy climate. Our houses, streets, cities are full of polluted air. Let’s change it! UrbanCONE is opening up people to the rest of the world. Concentrations of UrbanCONE are fresh and pleasant, what helps in creating new bonds. Find a connoisseur of common scent, which was installed in the filter of out UrbanCONE! Collects scents and impressions. Adapt it to your mood. Let’s create a dreams!
Our aim is to create healthy, comfortable homes, friendly to whole microclimate of a community living in the area that will create home. Thinking about city, unfortunately incresingly in the back of one's mind there is throng, verbatim lack of air. Cities are trying to fight with air pollution-at the same time such activities goes into the industrial development, which can not be stopped. While thinking of the house of the future or harmonious interior can we skip the entire space beyond?

Why our world can not be more unusual? Let's change our surroundings and look after the condition of the air that we breathe! Yes it is possible! 

final event in Paris
12th November 2014
Co­kol­wiek za­mie­rzasz zro­bić, o czym­kolwiek marzysz, zacznij działać.
Whatever you are going to do, about anything you dream, start working.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe