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    Packaging design for organic soaps. Screen printed on Canvas Kora and Cotton.

A seed, upon consuming energy from the environment for years,
sprouts into a sapling, grows into a tree, buds flowers and finally yields
its richness in the form of a fruit, which in turn gives rise to new life.
Taking inspiration from the endless continuity of energy flow in the cycle of life,
these soaps are a medium of consuming richness to give life back to your skin,
continuing the cycle of life.

Furoshiki inspired packaging for the 6 soap collection
Avocado, the nutritious fruit, acts as natural suntan and nourishes the skin to moisturize it back to life.
Cucumber, the hydrous fruit, hydrates your skin and has a soothing effect to rejuvenate it back to life.
Papaya, the healthy fruit, exfoliates aging signs and softens your skin to revitalize its shining glow back to life.