Studio Polifunzionale Cal
Aperitivo in chiacchiere

Poster for a series of meetings built and focused on many aspects of modern life,
Located at the Studio Polifunzionale Cal (Mantova, Italy).
CER e Palestra OLOS
Programma integrato di Allenamento “Mente-Corpo”
Poster for the first Training integrated program studied by Dr Rossana Elena Cal and Palestra OLOS (Mantova, Italy).
Circolo Culturale Eureka  &  Mº Sergio Bellotti
Do You Speak Drumming?

320x450 mm poster for an interactive workshop held in Cherasco (Cuneo) by Mº Sergio Bellotti.
Banda “G. Cotti” - Città di Asti
Seminario di studio per Maestri Direttori di Orchestra di Fiati

320x450 mm poster for a specialistic seminar held with the special partecipation of Mº Jacob de Haan.

Banda “G. Cotti” - Città di Asti
“La Cittadina” – Asti e la sua Banda

320x450 mm poster for a music evening with the “Banda ‘G. Cotti’ - Città di Asti”.
Senza Espressione

320x450 mm poster for an interactive workshop about the synergy between joint mobility, sports activity and music live performance by Senza Espressione.
Senza Espressione  &  OfficinaLS
Movimento e Improvvisazione

320x450 cm poster for a meeting taken by OfficinaLS, with audio support by Senza Espressione.
Take 1  –  Study on light and color effects as "movement"; sketched font as "improvisation".
Take 2  –  Stroboscopic effect in order to remind "movement" with a static image.
This is the development of the following photograph, Sven Geier’s DNA Mutation, taken in
(a "free stock photo site").
The same image were also used by Geoff Gans to design Paul Simon’s 2011 album: this unintentional concurrence caused the rejection of Take 2.
Take 3  –  More "classical" type, designing "dance" (being part of "movement").
Take 4  –  Another insight on light effects.
Take 5  –  Although this has been the very first idea for the poster, it has been kept until the end of the process,
waiting to get a proper development.
This is the chosen one.
Senza Espressione

320x450 mm poster for an Audio-visual performance by Italian Duo Senza Espressione
(Paola Salvadeo, piano – Sara Malandrone, percussions).
Posters and Bills

Posters and Bills

Small to large format posters and bills for advertising