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    Responsible for creating a campaign website for the new Range Rover. The website had to be responsive and cater for a wide range of content types
Responsible for designing the user experience of a responsive campaign website for the All New Range Rover. The team consisted of a UX designer, a creative director and a project manager.
Mapping out the necessary pages for this microsite.
High level ideation about layouts.
Sketches to see how it all fits on a mobile device.
Annotated wireframe helps informs designers and developers about site interactions.
Wireframe journey to show the user-flow.
Detail page with annotations and lo-fi wireframes.
The final design of the homepage. Clicking the play button will play fullscreen video.
Clicking anywhere during video playback pauses video and shows interstitial screen and encourages user to explore the vehicle by clicking on different parts of the car. Clicking on these car annotations then bring in more details about the exterior and the interior.
Clicking on annotation opens up side window with more details.