Sod Hut & High Country Walks, NZ

Set in the stunning surroundings of Southland, New Zealand. The Sod Hut, originally built by the Chinese during the gold rush in the 1870’s, was restored after an unfortunate fire. This is an amazing place to stay and take in the beauty of true NZ high country. Low and highlands form a rich tapestry revealing distant river flats, remnant beech forest, lofty sky scapes and a diverse mix of vegetation.

The western side of the valley comprises semi developed tussock land and rolling slopes down to a collage of rich colourful paddocks. For a completely different contrast continue your journey to the eastern side of the slate range and welcome rock experiencing native plants, animals and 1000 hectares of freehold ecologically protected wilderness.

You can experience this rare and magnificent location for yourself. Stay overnight in the hut, which is surprisingly very warm and cosy or just traverse one of the many walks in the area!