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    My work is my hobby. My design is fun, style, kind of mixing and sampling, just like electronic music that I like the most.
Devil logotypes, satanic symbols
and "wannabetough" designs...

... designed with love and great passion .)
Made for my friends, co - deejays, favourite clubs, events, and for
all of our wonderful die-hard fans.
Logo for a club called Faux Pas. The design comes from the OBEY style and its "propaganda" posters that I, a new kind of graphics sampling freak, love to rip and remix.
Logo for SOUNDFEER festival.
Soundfeer is one of the best Czech open air music festivals, taking a place in the wild woods of central Bohemia in the middle of summer. A great mixture of music genres, styles, nations, people and substances.

Heavy as f***k, strong and firm synths in a massive frame of 4/4 beats.
GRIND HOUSE MUSIC. Nobody will think you're lame when you have this on your T-shirt .)

Hedbanger logotype for a regular music night at Faux Pas club Liberec.
It comes from the name of the legendary Headbangers Ball MTV's metal music show, combined with
Ed Banger which is one of the most essential music labels on the electroclash / electro scene.
"Hedbanger" is a party for old-school metal music fans who have found the new power of electronic music.
Logo for Division soundsystem.
We have always dreamt about having a rock band, but all we could do was
to put some stoner rock heavy tune in the peaktime, turn the volume up
and burn the speakers while headbanging behind the deck ... therefore
we obviously needed some heavy metal-ish logo.
Name and logo for a regular breakbeat event.
Funkilla, my lovely baby, which abruptly passed away after a short illness called "electrohouse influence".
We've tried hard, but could't avoid tragedy. Breakbeat will never be the same without the charming Funkilla.

Name and logotype for a regular Christmas party.HOLY SHIT is a joke, holy shit is a poke, holy shit is a provocation.Take your Christmas decorations, decorate yourself with giant balls anda silver chain, get some booze and come on over to celebrate the winter solstice!

Logos are everyday symbols in our lives helping us to recognize with whom and what we are dealing with.
I love logotypes to such a degree that I've made up my own "phantom brands" and use them on every poster or flyeras an imaginary sponsor advert, so the party-goers can spend some extra time while on the can trying to figure out"what the hell is this corporate shit sponsoring this stupid party"?