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    Website redesign for an e-commerce lifestyle consumer brand that sells premium clothing.
Kitsbow needed a refresh of their e-commerce website that would keep their customers shopping and coming back without any barriers. Kitsbow knew exactly what type of customers would shop their website, and it was our job to provide a seamless experience, while maintaining the premium look-and-feel of their brand across all devices.
The challenge was to have this experience connect with the familiar customer who knows exactly what they want, and the aspiring customer who wants to know more about the brand. The redesigned website did both by using their brand assets in a more purposeful way, and with a clear hierarchy of information that was tailored to each customer.

A new shopping section was created to split the products between genders. The "Complete Your Kit" category allowed the customer to build their entire mountain biking outfit. A "Filter" category was established for the customer who has specific interests, such as biking in a certain type of climate or terrain. Overall, the website was intended to feel like the customer has a personal guide to enhance their shopping experience. 

For more information about Kitsbow on our website, click here

*Awarded  the 2015 American Web Design Awards by GD USA.