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    A drawing of a music shop,gone a bit mental
Music Shop
Yep, a music shop. Thats what it's meant to be anyway. More of a mess, in a room, and a few musical instruments lying about. Drawing a normal music shop would have just been boring. So there's books, sheet music, banjos, trumpets, pianos, drums, symbols, microphones, a double bass made of bottle caps, a harmonica..but i forget where exactly..a xylophone, characters running about. And a few posters of some my favourite bands. The Shins, Beirut, the national, modest mouse, arcade fire, Ham Sandwich, Flaming Lips..and the Hip-neck Blues Collective, You'll hear of them soon yo! Oh, and The Visitors, cant forget them.just excellent! This took a few weeks altogether, and is a bit of pen, chalk, and pencil. Forget the dimensions again, but, eh, don't stretch you arms fully out, and thats about it..yep, i need to buy a ruler