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    A bit of gathering of small nature in a digital format for last half-year.
ByChinese calendar a specific tree can be assigned to each person depending on adate of birth. It is similar to zodiac sign but has different history andtradition origins. It is said, and feeling really bad, to refill somekind of life-batteries.
First time I read this when I had somethinglike 6 or 7 years. And almost instantly, you know how kid’s mind works, startedto ask a questions why ash tree, why tree, why I should hug it. I tried thismethod and was hugging all the trees around for some time…Let us think, what is tree? Sounds like a quitestupid question, maybe.
Each person knows and saw start to be hopefully, sometimes at least one tree. Simplydefining, a tree is a piece of wood whichgrows from earth upwards. Additionally, usually trees have some typicalelements, like branches, leaves, flowers or fruits.
One very simple, but very useful physicalprinciple, which is, occasionally, were called on one lecture awestern-type-of-looking-at-things by one Japanese professor, when one is tryingto study an object with a number of features. If one or few features among themis at a highest interest or have a major appearance, the object may becharacterized by these features while others are neglected. We won’t go into adiscussion whether it is correct or not, but almost everywhere this principleworks perfectly.
Now let us try to answer a question what istree, keeping in mind mentioned above. First of all, features related to anytree must be defined. I’m proposing to choose the morphologic parts, such asroots, column, branches a few or alot, depends on the tree, leaves thatone is usually a lot and maybe flowers transformed into fruits ifthe tree has them. Now, as a next step, we must choose predominant ones.

Canit be roots? Not for mostpeople and me, simplybecause they are almost always underground and nobody around not seeing them.
Maybeit is column? M-m-m…also not,because it is generally the same wooden stick yes, it is different thinkness, color, hardness, skin, but it isstill a stick.
Thatis definitely must be branches then? If the branches of a tree on somebody’s way growing too low – he may wishto cut them, if they growing too high – one may do not pay attention to them,if they are too dense – one may use it to hide from rain or sun, is there areonly few branches – …something must be wrong with a tree, I think.Nevertheless, a main disadvantage of branches to be a dominant feature of a tree,in my honest opinion, is their constant appearance in time. When a tree isyoung, the growth of branches is, of course, active, but when a tree becomes abit more mature, from year to year they look the same. There is a very nicedefinition of specific functions from mathematics: a slowly changing function,when in relatively short times the function can be approximated by someconstant.
Is itfruits, at least? The answeris no, also. A fruit may be associated as the whole tree not when it is on thetree, but while tasting it. I may say that works for me. And, that will destroyone of the main principles of experimental science: try to observe the effecttrying to do as less influence on it as possible. Eating a part of an object,quite an influence, no?
I know all this text is very arguable. Butthat’s how we do it, motivation goes first. From all of this I wanted you torealize how important a leaf is when a person is looking on a tree.

At the beginning, I was planning to write somefancy story based on or connected to these photos. Then meaning now I realized the pictures were taken in a differentplaces and time that my brain wouldn’t allow doing such a thing, not to mentionI wrote quite a lot already.


A last thing to mention before I will start toupload photos is that all the photos are taken for last half-year frombeginning of April up to now. First I planned to make such a set at about lastyear-and-half, but, I did not like old photos at all.
“”. Brno,Czech Republic.
A small botanical garden is located on theterritory of Faculty of Science orvise versa. There are two magnolia trees; I was able to enjoy theblossoms. Years before I was able to see a whole hill of magnolia trees at KievNational Botanical Garden.
“”. Somewhere near Brno, CzechRepublic.
That photo I take lying down on a grass on oneof our weekend trips. Now this weekend trips become my small tradition to do.
“”. Brno, Czech Republic.
One more photo from the working hours. Whilewaiting for my friends to go to lunch I saw that a wall of a building beforebranch with leaves resembles to each other in a natural way. Some Japanese feelingI had at that time.
“”. Brno, Czech republic.
I couldn’t stop myself to do some simple editingto the photo which I normally do notprefer to do. This was taken at the same time as previous, but a bitof contrast and color shining were added.
“”. Trebic, Czech Republic.
I looked at this photo only after some time andwas amazed by it. We were at a small trip to town Trebic, and that is a part ofphoto a made by randomly shooting dry bushes at the hill where all the townwere nicely seen.
“”. Nantes, France.
A was walking in the city from morning tillevening in a first day after a big 5-day conference. And, of course, I gotunder the rain in the middle of near-river-running-path. This oak-tree saved methen.
“”. Usti nad Labem, CzechRepublic.
This leaf was able to look at the ruins of the Strekovcastle for the whole summer-autumn period, while all the people spent at thatplace some minutes, not more… Yeah, I would recommend you to visit the castlewith guided tour it less than 2 euroas I remember. The history of the castle is quite interesting, asfrom the point of its performing a function of a defensive structure, whichseems like it was… not.
“”. Near Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic.
A very shiny image. If one will looks there for a long time, his mind might be blown far-far away!
“”. Somewhere near Brno,Czech Republic.
I just like this picture. I think there is nostory behind, except of we were walking, I was it, I like it, I photoshoot it.Yeah, by the way, that weekend walk was one of the named “BurdsHunting” series.But, you see, that I was not lucky enough to hunt the birds only.
“”. Somewhere at Brno outskirts, CzechRepublic.
One more photo I made in the frame of BurdsHuntingweekend walks. A successful one, this time. :D
“”. Nantes, France.
Look at these leaves, how equal they are. A lotof guys must be now moving in their graves, they should. A stupid tree is ableto do what a smart man can’t. Remembering Orwell’s “1984” an movie“Equilibrium”.
“”. Crimea, Ukraine.
There was actually no mountain at all. That is apart of a fence at Vorontsov mansion. But at that particular moment myimagination was somewhere else.
“”. Somewhere near Brno, CzechRepublic.
That was one the photos I was eager to take. Iwaste some time both to find a placeand to set-up the camera get it in a way I was satisfied. 
“”. Somewhere near Brno, CzechRepublic.
That old leaf which was not taken by the wind,the outlaw that keeps running away, knowing that one day the wind will blow himdown to the ground. 
“”. Somewhere near Brno, Czech Republic
A was looking at that picture for 10 minutes, nojokes. I couldn’t name it, all the names were connected to Russia, though Inever been there. Nice example of the brainwashing and stereotyping power bymass media. 
“”. Palava, CzechRepublic
That for now is the last weekend trip in Czech Republic,and, surprisingly, I was afraid it may not happen. Somehow I got myself into asituation, when I need to reorganize the way I’m doing things. That particularyoung tree was so proud of its origin. It was at least a count tree.
“”. Belgrade, Serbia.
I think I might have scared some old people,when suddenly stop while walking and start to prepare the camera in the middleof a walking way. A beautiful place in the city is that old Kalemegdan park.This is a thing a Belgrade can be proud of.
“”. Belgrade, Serbia.
This photo I took at around the same time asprevious, but a tree was located near the center. You may see a difference. Nocomment needed, I hope.
“”. Belgrade, Serbia.
While waiting when somebody will open a door inthe faculty I was observing near streets and listening to the raindrops. Thisleaf drags my attention.
“”. Belgrade, Serbia.
It may sound funny, but I made about 100 metersback to take a photo of a leaf. I was amazed how nice one can see a line bywhich leaf is drying. It is strangely highly symmetrical.
“”. Belgrade, Serbia.
The sun was positioned in a way the green colorof the central leaf was so green that I was hypnotized by it. A fly I saw onlywhile looking at the photo on computer. While taking photos no damage was doneto any fly.
“”. Belgrade, Serbia.
This photo is one day old. Yesterday I wantedto visit Contemporary Art Museum in the other end of Belgrade. The weather wasfine, so I decide to walk. I didn’t want to go through the center of city withshop-streets and traffic. I turned on my built-in GPS which works, and go. One part disturbed me, for 10 or 15minuted I needed to follow the highway the road service decide to reconstruct,so I had a chance to smell a lot better than car exhausts and listen to noiseof all those big machines. Yeah, the funny part, that museum was on areconstruction. :D
“”.  Belgrade, Serbia.
I took that photo before reaching thereconstructing highway. I was walking through some small park with a lot ofcrows and few magpies. For 10 minutes I tried to catch sneaky bastards, butthey were really not human friendly, as usual, though. Then I suddenly foundthis leaf, so peacefully lying down. After almost nine hours of walking, when Icame home when it was dark already, I envy that leaf, so tired I was.
You may find out that a lot of other angles,trees, weather conditions and surrounding, but this is a beauty of observingthe leaves. It is very diverse object. Yeah, and I’m currently waiting Novemberwhen will be a lot of leaves so I can punch them as in a childhood. I alreadysaw a street cleaners start to gather them, but it is still about two weeks towait.

, and do not forget to hug your tree, atleast from time to time, in our globalized world we all need it.