naminoma digital teahouse
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    pavilion designed and constructed during the digital teahouse workshop, university of tokyo, summer 2010
the space of waves - digital teahouse
The theme of the pavilion was the materiality of the plywood and taming it to achieve a more flowing form inspired by the imperfect tea bowl.The half-depth grooves in the plywood made by the cnc router allowed for a typical flat-surface manufacturing to fall into the desired curvature along the cylindrical-shaped enclosure. 

Naminoma is designed to be assembled in 4-5 hours by a team of 3-4 people, as a temporary space for a tea ceremony - bridging between the modern technologies of computer manufacturing and traditional esthetics. 

The pavilion was made at the summer workshop for computational manufacturing and design of University of Tokyo and Columbia University. Three teams of 6-8 students designed and built 3 pavilions. The teams had the same constraints: the software grasshopper for rhinoceros (graphical generative algorithm tools  for 3d modeling), materials (9 mm and 12 mm plywood), budget, and manufacturing method (cnc routing). the outcomes reflect the individual teams more than originally foreseen by the workshop's professors. particularly notable is a wide range of issues addressed in the process for each of the pavilions, from applications of computational design, interpretations of tradition and culture in spatial or activity oriented expressions, structural stability, and practical solutions for quick physical materialization.
project team: anna braverman, kazami furukawa, akinori hamada, yuta ito, nikola nikolovski, hiroyuki tanaka

summer workshop, digital design and fabrication, the university of tokyo and columbia university
professors involved with the workshop: 
phillip anzalone, toru hasegawa, brigette borders (columbia university). 
yusuke obuchi, tachi tomohiro, kaon ko, salvator-john a. liotta, nahoko yoshii (university of tokyo). keisuke toyoda, motoki yamamoto, yusuke oono, alex knezo (noiz architects).