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Photos and design work for Austin Soul Jazz band Time Out (Andy Beaudoin, drums; Charles Couch, Guitar; Leon Roberts, organ), 2009-11.  Equipment: Pentax K200D, Canon Powershot A630.
From their performances at Brass House, The Elephant Room and Maria Maria, Austin, TX, 2011-13.
Flyers for various performances throughout Austin, TX, 2010-13.
(Note: 1960's era mosaic found in Downtown Austin.  Artist unknown.)
Simple video of performance, 2011
From their first album, On The One, 2009.  (Front & inside of CD insert, disc imprint, Time Out Records proprietary logo and CD Release poster.)
Recording On The One at The Pirate Studio (with Craig Lawrence), Lakeway, TX, 2009.
From their performance at the Blanton Museum, Austin, 2009, with CD cover/promotional concepts.