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    Industrial Product Catalogue development, for print and digital format.
Catalogue Project
Industrial Product Catalogue (114 pages), brochures and CD-Rom. 
I did the Graphic Design, layout, illustration, 3D, digital compo and retouching imagery, the logos... (well, the all process from start to end, ready for printing). Then, packed it all into digital format for CD-Rom presentation (a lot less expensive demo process than printing... it does help to save the trees too).

What a challenge (again?)... At some point, it´s like climbing a huge mountain, until, you (eventualy) get to the top (when you do).. (thrilling), and, when you do, you don´t want to think you did it, mostly, just to see the vue, and stuff. You want to think you overcame (yet) another challenge, and got the job done.

Now you can finaly breathe.

Guess what, a little sarcastic voice says:
- Congrats. Now stop stearing at the view, climb down and go get ready for the next mountain (i hope).

I´m joking, or am i not?

What a great adventure.

Hope you enjoy.
(Sorry, but, i need to go to sleep).
Funny how a project works out sometimes. You start with a concept, and then, end up with a total different result, to please everyone. At least, everyone is pleased.
Just see what i mean.

First concepts (and, at this stage of the project, some liked it, others not so much).

Example 1:
Not all the logos made it as they were.
Here is my vision of it.
Example 2:
Cover and design concept for a part of the catalogue.
And now, the end result, so that everyone is happy (including me, of course).
The most important thing about it is that i had the opportunity, once again, to learn and improve somehow, i guess. That´s the end result of it all (and i got the bills payed, for sometime, and... finally, now i can breathe again).