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    Smart Box
The Smart Box was developed as the successor to the Original smart homes hub. We aimed to accommodate developers demands for a cheaper more stripped down unit to suit the increased number of smaller dwellings that were in the pipeline. So we took the existing hard components, the Lindy router, MK backbox, and Connectix Patch Panels and went back to the drawing board to develop a more compact system.
The soft unobtrusive design is ideal for use in the living environment. It is less industrial looking than the original design and the white finish makes it a lot more welcoming.
The patented Lite Rough In Kit.
The rough in kit was developed as part of the companies drive to improve onsite installation efficiency by standardising the method of attaching the Smart Box to the wall. This simple system resulted in the reduction of installation time from approximately 2 hours to less than 15 minutes. It also insures that the cables exit from the wall in the correct location and that the box is hung level on the wall.
How it works. The Rough in kit comes complete with a 50 cent spirit level attached. It is screwed to the wall Studs and slabbed over at the first fix stage of the wiring process. By having the spirit level attached we ensured that the installer would feel compelled to fix the plate level to the wall. At second fix, the Smarthomes installer would simply cut out the cable entry slot, pull the cables out and attach the Smart Box to the rough in kit
Diagram showing a side view of the Smart Box mounted on a slab wall using the RIK
Cutaway view showing the patch leads and Connextix patch panel. By having all the internals black it helps to reduce the cluttered complex look of the system making it a lot less daunting to the homeowner.
Close up of Smart Box internals