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Client: Stampsy Inc.
Production & Art Direction:
Hugo & Marie
Design & Illustration: The Six & Five Studio 
Animation: Twistedpoly 
Voice Over: Adriana Spencer
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Stampsy.com removes the cost and coding skills required to build elegant microsites and lets individuals effortlessly present, share, and archive their real life experiences and abstract visual ideas as complete, captivating stories that can live online forever.
Requiring far less effort and expertise than building a whole website, Stampsy was developed in response to the limitations of popular microblogging platforms that prevent users from posting about expansive ideas and real life events in their entirety. Stampsy’s exciting new format of publishing “Stamps” helps users quickly editorialize their ideas and experiences as cohesive visual narratives that leave a more lasting and memorable impact.
As units of content, “Stamps” use image, video and sound to present visual stories in a more engaging way and garner attention with a built-in social layer.
Since Stampsy believes that “remix culture” and peer content sharing underpin today’s creative practices, the site’s functionalities encourages the use and reuse of other users’ images in the creation of new content. 

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Client: Stampsy Inc.
Production & Art Direction: Hugo & Marie
Design & Illustration: The Six & Five Studio 
Animation: Twistedpoly 
Voice Over: 
Adriana Spencer
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Stampsy - Explainer Video

Stampsy - Explainer Video

Stampsy is a new social platform for sharing and archiving experiences online. Stampsy.com removes the cost and coding skills required to build e Read more
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