It has been an annual tradition from the Ringling College TypeClub to put on a "Ligature" show to demo recent typographic works within the design departments. At the show, TypeClub exhibits an entire character set of DropCaps, which are crowd-sourced from the students, ranging from letters to symbols and numbers.
This year I chose the letter D. 
For the letter D, I chose to focus on the optical illusion of the never-ending/impossible staircase and geometric and isometric forms to form the letter. Taking reference from past and modern interpretations of the illusion, isometric landscapes from Monument Valley, and other geometric works, I built this illusion in 3D. Cinema 4D was used to create the base letter with an isometric camera and then gave it atmosphere and punch with Photoshop. Check below for process, a Photoshop breakdown, and closeups.
Cinema 4D viewport
Render from Cinema 4D
Photoshop breakdown