We moved to Switzerland in 2011 and we immediately and eternally got attracted by the elegant minimalism of the Swiss scenery. Throughout the 10 year history of Balkantango we have been making efforts to bring bicycle inner tube to a competitive level in line with genuine upmarket design materials such as leather. In doing so we have teamed up with one of the best wallet manufacturer specialist to ensure outstanding quality. The Balkantango MINIMAL Collection products are made without piping, they have pure black rubber outside, sharp cut slim sidewalls, and they are pimped up with tone-on-tone logos and no brand name. 
that's how it started
the forerunners of the minimal style: the flap and the logo without the brand name on this street-style wallet
here, you can observe it calmly (in Ruhe)
the first experiments with the tome-on-tone engraving @Hyperwerk, Basel
and functional
this is what a bicycle messenger's set looks like in Switzerland. pure joy with design icons.
so let me introduce the designer
...and her belt
we fell in love with these Japanese/Italian YKK snap buttons and made a whole set of different styles
- the logo size changes accordingly
the MINIMAL collection starts here
inside view
i use this model since the first prototytpe was made
i  put a spoke around the wallet to hold the notes as a money clip
the old Maribor model served as a basis for this purse. hard to recognise though.
without the piping, you can now comfortably fit a pouch of tobacco into it
a protective sleeve for your phone
pull the strap to eject
we designed concrete displays with IVANKA (Budapest) 
...and risographed cardboard packaging at Büro für Problem (Basel),
but they will be introduced in a separate Behance project
thanks for watching
recycled bicycle inner tube wallets & accessories

recycled bicycle inner tube wallets & accessories

Balkantango DIY: 1. put ten years of experiments into bicycle inner tubes - do not compromise 2. get the best manufacturer on board 3. take away Read More