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    Premium Leather Shoes Brand from Indonesia
Premium Leather Shoes Brand from Indonesia
RAGA, originating from word raga, derives from Sanskrit which has a literal meaning as "color" or "hue" and it is also mean "beauty" or "melody". Based on its basic meaning, we define RAGA as "a combination of tones with a beautiful Illuminating graces."
Unlike any other products that are merely more concerned about following what's on today's trends, RAGA Shoes prefers to cling to its dedication in producing a high-quality leather shoes using high-quality materials and combined it with traditional way; which are more controlled and guaranted.
Our consistency in maintaining the quality of raw materials are proved by our Premium Leather material which has a rare character. The fluency of each process, from material selection until the production quality control, are not out from our attention.
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Photo courtesy of RAGA Shoes