commercial work selection #2
TNT - The People Network
Amsterdam agency Etcetera turned to PostPanic director Mischa Rozema to take on the challenge of their hugely ambitious Human Network script. Central to the integrated global campaign for TNT, is a stunning 50 second television spot highlighting the delivery giant's far-reaching network of dedicated couriers. With an accompanying tvc cutdown of 30 seconds, personalised video for TNT's existing clientbase and several key print visuals, PostPanic took on producing the main bulk of the integrated campaign followed by localising to 32 countries.
Agency: Etcetera
Concept : Peter van Leeuwen, Markus Ravenhorst
Art Director : Peter van Leeuwen
Copywriter : Markus Ravenhorst
TV-producer agency : Robert Roosenstein
Production Company : PostPanic
Director : Mischa Rozema
Executive Producer : Jules Tervoort, Annejes van Liempd 
Producer (Liege) : Liene Berina
Head of Post Production : Ivor Goldberg
Supervisor on set : Chris Staves, Matthijs Joor
3D & VFX Artists : Matthijs Joor, Jeroen Aerts, Chris Staves, Marti Pujol, Dimos Hadjisavvas, Juri Agostinelli, Dieuwer Feldbrugge, Guido Ekker (intern), Francois Heysen (intern)
2D/3D Artists : Doma Harkai, Erwin vd IJssel, Stefano Paron, Donat Aron Ertsey, Hubert Heutinck (intern)
Matte Painting : Marco Iozzi, Marti Pujol
Tracking & Match Moving : Giso Spijkerman
Philips Television - 2014 Series/Features movie
After two years of technology-led visual aesthetic within their product films, Philips Television decided to change the emphasis to a more human factor asking us to focus instead on the emotions surrounding television viewing.
PostPanic’s solution was a warm, natural glimpse into the lives of the many different types of Philips Television viewers. With over 15 films to be made communicating product ranges and varying features, each film was allocated a ‘hero’ household which interacted with its extra member of the family, namely the ‘television’. The relaxed, filming approach was coupled with sharp art direction and subtle nods to the CG-implemented technology. All directed and produced by PostPanic.
The films were also part of an integrated campaign headed up by PostPanic which included Lifestyle Photography and localised to 18 countries.
Director (Series and Feature Clips): Phil Robson
Photographer (LifeStyle Photography): Yamandu Roos
DOP: Coen Stroeve
Production Company: PostPanic
Executive Producer: Ania Markham, Jules Tervoort
Visual Effect Supervisor: Chris Staves
Assistant editor / Visual Effects Editor, 2D artist: Donat Ertsey
C&A - Winter
PanicProgram director Erwin van den IJssel returns with the fourth retail film in the series promoting fashion giant C&A’s seasonal fashion ranges. Continuing with the inside/outside theme from the Autumn range, C&A introduces a vintage/flea market vibe into their ATL work. To compliment this direction, Erwin decided to develop a collage-style visual direction for the animation using a combination of old materials and textures. This was applied to a narrative about a family in their cosy (vintage inspired) home with each family member leading us seamlessly into little vignettes taking place in the wintery landscape outside…
Director: Erwin van den Ijssel
Production Company: PanicProgram
Executive Producer: Liene Berina
2D artists: Tom Geraedts, Doma Harkai, Donat Ertsey

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Aún Hay Tiempo (END TITLES)
Title sequence made for the short movie "Aún Hay Tiempo" directed by Albert Pintó.
Title sequence directed by the amazing Martí Pujol Pinchos 

Jeroen Aerts
Juri Agostinelli
Donat Aron Ertsey
Dimos Hadjisavvas
Matthijs Joor

Albert Pintó
everyone who made it possible
commercial work selection #2

commercial work selection #2

Some of my recent contributions in commercial projects under the hood of PostPanic. Special thanks to Erwin van den Ijssel and Doma Harkai.