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    Front end development, UX design and web design for Wolftech News
Wolftech News provide your editors, reporters and photographers with the best possible toolset for responding quickly when news breaks.
News moves quicker than ever before, and a good story no longer waits for the Evening News. Wolftech News is built from the ground up with a story-based workflow in mind, letting you simultaneously contribute to real-time social media channels, web outlets and traditional broadcast formats – sharing content, metadata and resources between all your platforms.
Above: The "Feeds" view provide journalists with a birds-eye view of breaking and developing stories, with one-click ability to generate a story from any lead they come across.
Easily act on any story, add comments, assign resources and add jobs to a story.
Locate and keep track of all your human and technical resources.
Filter your resources by any paramerer, and easily add or edit your resources.
Quickly and easily find any story, resource or note.