Wolftech Broadcast Solutions AS was founded in 2011, in cooperation with TV 2 Norway, and deliver innovative software solutions to the broadcast market. The concept behind their previous logo was good – there was, however, some room for improvement.
Above: The previous verison of the Wolftech logo.
The new logo feature a cleaner more iconic version of the Wolftech cubes, more modern typography, and a simpler color palette. We also have a vertical and an horizontal version of the logo.
The logo has full-color and monochrome versions, in both positive and negative variants (for both the vertical and horizontal versions).
Small and big versions of the logo are made as well, ensuring the logo is rendered well everywhere.
In addition we have the logo without type, and a square version of the logo, and logos with the squares filled in, as well as open. In all, the logo pack totals over 720 unique renderings of the logo in different formats.