When news breaks, you need to be where the action is, and tell the important stories. Your ENG crew should be spending their time finding and capturing the story, not fiddling with file transfers. That's why we developed Wolftech News.
Delivering stories simultaneously in SD and HD, to web or OTT services, or even to multiple news organisations is a breeze using Wolftech News. Using the proven and powerful Wolftech Live MediaRouter Engine, we'll transcode output to exact specifications automatically.
But it's not just for media; using standardized XML metadata input, we're able to deliver script- super and graphics information directly to Viz One, newsroom systems and alike.
Wolftech News will keep you posted on your file transfers as they happen, notifying you via SMS when your transfers are completed, or if any of them need your attention.
Combining SMS alerts and reliable arrival estimates give your editors a great overview over what material they'll have at any given time, and will change the way you plan broadcasts.