Wolftech EventCaster is a complete hub for your online video streaming and distribution, especially geared towards business and education. Easily schedule broadcasts in advance and go live in minutes, with on-screen graphics and multicam mixing.
Using the Wolftech EventCaster, businesses are able to centralize their training, keeping a complete library of courses in the cloud, available for whenever the need arises. All-hands meetings can happen at a moment’s notice, and involve the entire corporation. Press events can be hosted online, lowering the bar for more media outlets to participate.
Broadcasts are scheduled in advance, so all the presenter needs to do is show up, and start their presentation.
Broadcasts are set up using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface for multi-camera setups.
Using the interactive PresenterMode, the presenter is given a full overview over viewership numbers, chat room activity and broadcast status. She can even throw to break, extend or end the show.