Wright & Goebel
Identity, packaging, collateral, web and signage design
Design work for a new wine and spirits store and event space located at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. The challenge put forth by the owners was to envision an identity that was completely different than most other wine shops - no old world, barrel, glass or grape imagery here. Instead, the owners were taking a decidedly more modern approach to the store, presenting the wines and spirits in a curated, gallery-like atmosphere. The feel of the space was to be west coast, modern, and inspired by yachting and nautical lifestyles. That essence had to be incorporated into the identity as well.

After exploring numerous options, including custom lettering, we came to a monogram solution. The letters W and G overlap, joined by an implied ampersand. In keeping with the nautical inspiration, the colors are a muted navy and cream, and the implied ampersand also reads as a knot.

Featured on Under Consideration's For Print Only.

Designed in collaboration with Jolene Delisle through The Working Assembly.
A small sampling of some of the sketches and comps provided.
Final monogram.
Selections from the style guide, including alternate configurations, color variations, patterns, clearspace requirements, etc.
Business card. Two-sided letterpress. Reverse had a no-ink pass in the letterpress to create the "debossed" pattern.
Letterpressed coasters.