We pushed the CheBanca! brand image of “yellow-ness” even beyond
with a headline that is also a call-to-action: “Tira fuori il giallo che c’è in te”.

The evolution of the previous campaign resulted in the creation of a tv commercial that showed,
in a charming and funny style at the same time, the yellow in all of us. For the tv commercial, the slow motion technique,
emphasised this vision in an extremely appealing way, giving great strength to the yellow of the CheBanca! brand.

CheBanca! wants to become a Prime Bank, including a new banking service
about the Collective Investment Scheme: Risparmio Gestito.
Its strategic comunication doesn’t change and remains always lively and yellow,
facing difficult arguments – like the Collective Investment Scheme - in an easy e imediately way.


How would have been performed and revisited the yellow exclamation point
and the whole identity of CheBanca! according to the rule of the most important artistic movements of the history?
There are so many ways to interpret colours and figures, from the essential shapes of minimalism
to the complexity of constructivism, until the dreamlike worlds of surrealism.
We took advantage of all the different artistic paths to talk about the yellowness of CheBanca!

On Christmas time there are habits and situations that never miss:
the classic panettone cake with candied fruit that anybody hate,
the big dinners with relatives that makes you feel heavy like a wild boar
and the grandmother that always gives you boring pyjamas, socks or ties as gift.

What if you could get the right gift to make these situations easier to endure?
So, CheBanca! realized the Fanta-gifts, the perfect Christmas presents to face the Holidays.