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    Chalkboard lettering for GastroMarket, a pop-up market in Malasaña.
00. Briefing:
In La Industrial they always have the same flyer for Gastromarket which they reuse over and over; however, they got a new place to make the market itself which has a huge chalkboard by the entrance, so they called me to paint it. Which ended up being a ton of fun.

01. First test:

I went a couple days before to the coworking space to make a test on their chalkboard. I hadn't even seen the one in which I had to make the final artwork, it was just a test. This is what I did:
Now, this is all pretty trendy and just a practice exercise but I took some heavy and specific inspiration so I feel like it's only fair to show it: the Gastro word is practically copied from this word from Jeremy Friend and although I didn't think about it at the time, the M is probably derived from the DeWe logo.
There's not much size reference but it's like 1,5m diameter. It took me 2-3 hours easily. The chalkboard was not clean enough, I used just wet paper to wipe it, and learnt that there had to be a more effective way to do that.
Anyway I had a great deal of fun making it and the client liked it, but didn't think it was aesthetically adequate for the product. They wanted something more ellegant. So I did this instead:
02. Second design:
The board was going to be around 3m wide by 2,5m tall. The text had to say something along the lines of "Gastro Market. Come check out our gourmet products. Entry 1€, take a free Mahou". This is what I did:
Since they didn't seem to like the hand drawn look, I decided to go for a typographic approach. I used Neo Orient for the title, which is undoubtly ellegant but also looks amazing on display, is fun to draw, lets me play around with the swirls and can really draw attention. The left side of the board was also the first thing that was going to be seen from the street, so I really needed to have the title there on a vertical display.
The rest of the fonts had to be in harmony with Neo Orient, but neither compete for the attention nor introduce a strong and different personality. These are the ones I chose:
"Ven a probar nuestros productos gourmet" ("come check our gourmet products") - Avant Garde, which is always safe while a little bit playful, and retains its personality -in fact arguably shows it- when used in text blocks and not only single lines.
"Entrada" ("entry") - Metropolis, which is not only wonderful and ellegant, but also can be used for a big word which takes up a lot of space while not being filled with color and thus dragging all the attention. I should probably have separated the characters to improve legibility, but at the time I couldn't resist joining the EN end the TR.
"Llévate una" ("have a") - Intro Inline, because it was simple enough to work as just a transition, thick enough to carry the rising emphasis and short enough to fit in the space. It was just perfect for the task.
Mahou - That's just the brand logo, which just happens to be typographic and fit the composition just fine.
"Gratis" ("free") - Gladfilthefte. Arguably the only one who could compete for the attention, but we really wanted that word to stand out, specially if it was going to be in the opposite corner from the logo and the least visible space. Also the RA join was too cool not to draw it.
03. The actual chalkboard:
I arrived there a little bit more than 1 hour prior to the opening. I wanted to have myself drawing there as part of the attraction during the first hours, but I also wanted to have something done by the time they opened the market.
Now the first order of business was of course to set some guidelines and draw the title. The first lines were of course not straight, so I used a long piece of wood as a ruler. I had it done by the time they opened.
By the way, do you notice how the light hits just until the end of the title? That's because that part is what you can see from the street.
On hindsight it feels like a little bit of a shame that I didn't make the symmetric game with the AR, but at the time I was improvising because I had another little change in mind for the rest of the text:
The next thing to do was to start writing the word gourmet to make sure it would fit, and then the main claim -the free beer. The client wanted to make sure that was advertised asap. I moved the Mahou logo a little up and to the right so I'd fill that strange gap in the original sketch, the one with the arrow.
Since so many visitors were dissappointed to see that they had to actually pay to get in, writing the 1€ entry line became a priority. At first I used green for the entrada word but it looked terrible, it didn't fit with the rest of the colors, so I switched to purple. I only used green for the lines into the llévate una line, and there it looks fine because it's just enough to contrast but not so much that it distorts the picture.
I think the weakest line is the one on the top, it doesn't look like 3 different words. This is partly because it had been 3 hours, it was lunchtime and I was a little bit tired already, partly because it was really high up and I had to get on a chair to write it and couldn't see it as well as the rest, but mostly because the guidelines for Productos weren't parallel and I didn't really notice that I was running out of space. I'll have to take note for the next time.
04. End result:
After that I just deleted some of the guidelines, and left some on purpose. Unfortunately the photos of the board after deleting the guidelines are not very good, but I did make a gif with the process that's kinda funny:
Overall I'm happy with the work I did, I learnt a lot, I had a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to painting more chalkboards like this one.
Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDomGar@Yahoo.es