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    These glass and porcelain water bottles are designed in unusual shapes to inspire logical reasoning. Each of them serves water in a different wa… Read More
    These glass and porcelain water bottles are designed in unusual shapes to inspire logical reasoning. Each of them serves water in a different way. While interpreting their shapes, we reflect upon the amount of water needed for a given task. This, in turn, helps us in using the exact quantity of water required without waste. This makes us consider our water usage in general and gain awareness. Nothing new? Almost nothing new. Read Less
Almost nothing new
Learning from other cultures' great respect for nature and the big systems we are inserted into, 
I decided to focus on 'water' as starting point for this design reflection.
Water is one of the most precious resources of our time and at the same time one of the most wasted.
Through this project I aimed to induce questions by changing contemporary habits and perceptions 
related to water consumption. 
From the very beginning, I started thinking about something practical and conceptual at the same time, 
that could stimulate the discourse around use and interaction of objects with pepople together with 
the big topic of wasting resources.

So I've drawn inspiration from a few archetypal objects related to water, coming from very different contexts but objects well known for their very close relationship between shape and use
(bottle, watering can, shower sprinkler, saltshaker, dropper, funnel, soy sauce bottle, glass).
Since the amount of water and the way it is served are specific for each one, on one side having these 
unusual shaped water bottles is a little puzzling; while on the other one everybody knows exactly 
how to use each one of them, regardless of the context it has been taken from.
This is the reason why I called this project "Almost nothing new".

Instead of using more water then needed in everyday activities, through these small collection of objects
I wanted to suggest people to choose one specific bottle for one specific purpose according to the qualities 
of each product: how much, how fast and in which way water it is served.
In these way people are aware of the act of using water while they are doing so (at least in some measure)
as the try to use the right quantity and to avoid wastes. 
In this small collection, bottles are designed to give prominence to the water they contain 
shapes are symbols, narrative elements which participate to refute obviousness and lead to action
through mental reasoning.

I really love this level of communication in which objects are designed more for specific tasks than 
for specific contexts, letting people being an active part in the process, partially choosing what 
to do and how to do it, actively completing this process.
Starting drawings - reflections and ideas
Almost nothing new - side view
Almost nothing new - top view
Single nozzle
Double nozzle
The project has beeh exhibited
at the Xtremely Ordinary Design stand
Salone Satellite 2011 - Milan Furniture Fair