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    Conceptual lighting device project for interiors
LUMO  is a bachelor final project inspired by the mobility of old oil lamps and torches. The main idea was the ability to move with the light. The bonfire-shaped form appears to be both- stable and minimalistic.This innovative modular device, which emits white light, is also a decoration of the interior. The product is designed for users who value modernity, attention to detail and safety.The product is highly energy-efficient thanks to LED technology, which provides a reduction in demand for electricity. The docking station made with the 3D printing technology charges the light emitting devices (STICKS).

They can be removed easily and moved to a different place - they will continue to work even without being plugged in. 

Built-in rechargeable batteries stores the energy in case of unexpected events, such as power failure.They provide the user with additional, mobile and readily available source of light. With the main switch, located in the middle of the docking station, the lamp can be turned on or off. Each of the light emitters has a separate touch switch located in the upper part of the light stick. In this way the user can adjust the intensity of the light, for example by activating only one of the selected lighting elements.

LUMO also has an additional "SLEEP" function. After holding the central part of the dock for more than 3 seconds, the blue LED light blinks every second, which starts to configure the “sleeping mode”. This functionality may prove to be useful e.g. in a children's room, when a small light is often turned on during the early hours of the night. We program the LUMO for a particular period of time and it switches itself off afterwards. Furthermore, LUMO indicates the battery level in each element: from glowing green - which denotes a fully-charged battery, through orange to red, which signalizes the need to connect the luminous element to a docking station for charging. All elements can be easily disassembled, so that LUMO can be moved to a different location.