aims to be an innovative communcation and information platform about food
from different perspectives. The meeting and dialog place of the conscious consumer and the food industry.
The ThinkFood team wanted a platform which reflects this goal and serves two purposes:
         1.  Communicate the upcoming conference and generate sales leads
         2.  Be an interactive content platform for discussions about food and food consiciousness
Information Arcitecture & Content Mapping
Keeping an eye on the site strategy the Information Architecture was created, after which the first sketches were made
In order to promote the content and open a dialogue we built 3 different article templates:
- Standard Article - for informative, news like content
- Article with focus on author -  for essays and opinions form known key opinion leaders in                                                         the industry
- Debate article - for a weekly debate topic with pros and cons, and a strong call to action to                                  engage the readers.
Final website design
Final website:
ThinkFood Website