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    Interactive touch screen kiosk design for Brighton retail stores. All visual design, UI, and interaction design, Brian Jackson
Brighton, Create A Bracelet touchscreen
In over 100 Brighton retail locations nationwide.
Brighton jewelry stores have over 100 retail locations nationwide.  In high demand is their collection of charm and beaded bracelets. Each created by customers in-store with the assistance of a sales associate.  Ultimately this kind of one-on-one assistance tasks the time of the associate.

The Brighton, Create A Bracelet touchscreen kiosk allows customers an option to create their own bracelet.  I designed the user interface with the HP TouchSmart interactive computer.  Customers build their bracelet with easy to use set of options, that simply require touch or drag-and-drop response by the user.  Each element of the UI is contextual to the needs of the consumer and elegantly designed to be user intuitive. The side bar provides an at-a-glance review of the bracelet elements selected and their price.  When finished, users print their creation with an image of the bracelet and inventory sheet of each element with it's respective UPC code.

Sales associates are now able to assistance a wider range of customer needs. The kiosk also benefits Brighton as providing an innovative edge to their retail brand.