The Playlist Project / ROCK ME A SONG! - Month 6
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    Rock me a Song moth 6 its rockin!!!!! Check it Out!!!! and Participate!! :D
Hello again!!
i have been so busy lately that didnt have the chance to post this month of the playlist project! (actually the 7th month is done too) . Here is the playlist!
Once again a huge thanks for all  the people that have support the project and care to participate in it by sending me their favorite song, their names and nationality :)    i have gotten in contact with amazin people and discover great music while doing something that i love wich is to draw.     LONG LIVE THE ARTS!!!!!!
Cheers & Rock on!
Here is the playlist:
21-Aug- Original Sin by INXS      ///      Cathy from Australia
22-Aug- Down Under by Men at Work      ///    Javier from México
23-Aug- Brother by Needtobreathe    ///   Karl from the Philipines
24-Aug- Heaven can Wait by Gammaray    ///     Mauricio from Brazil
25-Aug- Sherry Darlin' by Bruce Springsteen   ///      Remco from Holland
26-Aug- Inner Self by Sepultura    ///    Guillerme from Brazil
27-Aug- Spooky by The Classics IV    ///   Jacqui from USA
28-Aug- Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen    ///     Suzanne from France
29-Aug- Tomorrow comes Today by Thulium     ///   Roberto from España
30-Aug- Bicycle from Queen       ///       Alyssa from USA
31-Aug- Gold by Bondax      ///       Julia from USA
1-Sep-  Jolene by Dolly Parton     ///  Justin from USA
2-Sep- Adventures in Solitude by The New Pornographers       ///     Rebbeca from Australia
3-Sep- Jumping Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones     ///    Javea from Spain
4-Sep- Creep in a T-Shirt by Portugal the Man    ///    Joanna from USA
5-Sep- I Killed Sally's Lover by The Avett Brothers     ///     Brian from USA
6-Sep- Blackbird by The Beatles    ///    Madi from USA
7-Sep- 11th Dimension by Julian Casablancas     ///     Gilberto from México
8-Sep- Dust in the Wind by Kansas      ///   Michel from México
9-Sep- Paradise City by Guns and Roses    ///     Gerardo from México
10-Sep- No Sounds but the Wind      ///       Olya from Russia
11-Sep- Keep the Dogs at Bay by Seether       ///    Nicoleta from Rumania
12-Sep- Float On by Modest Mouse       ///    Kim from Australia
13-Sep- The Good Left Undone by Rise Against        ///    Josh from USA
14-Sep- Take it Easy by Travis Tritt and The Eagles       ///     Arón from México
15-Sep- Dreaming by Small Pools       ///      Kitty from the Philipines
16-Sep-  Bad Reputation by Joan Jett        ///     Michelle from Venezuela
17-Sep- Transmission by Joy Divition        ///  Can Seylan from Turkey
18-Sep-  November Rain by Guns and Roses         ///     Marisol from México
19-Sep- I Want You by Third Eye Blind     ///     Wendy from USA
20-Sep-  Que no se Apague la Lumbre by Los Invasores de Nuevo León    ///     Sr. Jalapeño from México  

JOIN IN AND PARTICIPATE :) just need your name, song, and nationality (instagram if have an accont) and you are Rockin ON!!!!

Mighty Thanks!
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