Ambigram wedding invite for a couple of friends Pete and Sarah.

The main invite is the larger of the two, The evening invite being the smaller. Both were hand lettered with a dip pen and gillot 404 nib. Splashes and all mistakes wre included in the final design before going print, as the couple requested them. They felt it gave them a more personal hand done effect.

They were printed on very pale cream, this took away the starkness of the black and white and mellowed the colour.

I hand lettered the main invites when complete. 

The Ambigram itself only took a couple of days to complete. First I sketched a few ideas on paper then began working them up. Once the final design was working I redrew it from scratch and then traced it and scanned it at a High resolution in Photoshop. I then Vectorised it in Fontlab, copied, pasted and rotated it. Finally Pasting it into Illustrator.
Video showing Ambigram working.
Main invite, back from the printers. It was printed on 250 gsm card. They ran out of pale cream card so they matched the colour to the envelopes I provided. It was spot on too.
Close up of the front cover.
Close up of the lettering from the main invite. I am no where near good enough to do spencerian script but free style I can just about do. They were very happy with simple style of lettering and asked if I'd leave the splodges in. The lettering was first done on textured watercolour paper with a dip pen and Gillot 404 nib and Daler Rowney's Acrylic Black Ink. This was  then scanned at a high resolution and reduced down in Photoshop. Finally the text was pasted into the Illustrator document ready for the printers.
Main invite folded.
Front side of the Evening invite. The evening invite was an A6 postcard sized invite.
Lettering for the evening invite.
Main invite and evening invite together.
Close up main and evening invite.
Main and Evening invite.
Front of main and evening invites together.
Inside of the main invite and back of the evening invite.
Initial sketches and designs.
The ambigram Peter/Sarah can be seen in Nikita Prokhorov's new book: Ambigrams Revealed  (see image below)