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    【如來如去】入圍2009美國葛萊美音樂獎【最佳唱片封套設計獎】、第20屆金曲獎【最佳跨界音樂專輯獎 】風潮音樂委託設計。設計製作:點石設計有限公司/鄭司維、黃慧甄 。 This work is nominated for a 52nd U.S Grammy award (Best Rec… Read More
    【如來如去】入圍2009美國葛萊美音樂獎【最佳唱片封套設計獎】、第20屆金曲獎【最佳跨界音樂專輯獎 】風潮音樂委託設計。設計製作:點石設計有限公司/鄭司維、黃慧甄 。 This work is nominated for a 52nd U.S Grammy award (Best Recording Package) in 2009. Szu Wei Cheng & Hui Chen Huang, art directors (Various Artists) Read Less
In 2009, authorized by Wind Music International Corporation, he also designed record cover for trans-musical artworks of “Tathagata” by maestro He Xun-tian. He and his wife Hui-Chen Naomi Huang., also a designer, worked in conjunction to hand-drawn Bodhi’s leaf vein, exemplifying the design concepts characterized by refreshingly pure state of “void” and “oneness”.  In addition, they applied book-folding method to bring out the binding mode for bilingual illustrations. Their innovative approach defeated the rest of 10 thousands plus albums participated to the contest and nominated for a 52nd Grammy award (Best Recording Package) in 2009. Undoubtedly they deserved the recognition dispensed from those who at world-class professional accreditation level.  Again, he became the one who followed the footstep of Qing-Yang Xiao, who had been on the finalist of Grammy Awards three times so far, needless to say, Cheng, the Taiwan designer once again, brought home the glory for the design profession in Taiwan.