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    This project won the Gold Prize, Package Design of Taiwan International Visual Design Exhibition in 2014.
An Original Buddhist Music Poet, Ma Chang-sheng
Ma Chang-sheng is a lyric and music writer, guqing instrumentalist, used to be a rock and roll guitarist, now a Tibetan Buddhism practitioner that sings with his soul and solitude.  Ma Chang-sheng is an independent musician that explores the inner soul to discover life’s original quality.
With an ancestral root in Jiangsu, he was born and raised on the expansive pastures of Qinghai. Quiet by nature with nonchalance for fame and fortune, Ma studied contemporary popular and rock and roll music, and has been on several voyages in life.  He has studied the guqing under many virtuosi of the string instrument, and is a person of wide knowledge and passion to learn.  He also follows the holy Zhu-Wang Cai-Kun Rimpoče in studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism with. Ma Chang-sheng’s music derives from his many different experiences in life, and his music is all encompassing, with elements from the past and the present, also the East and the West.