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    My final work in graphic design about the consumption of clothes, its production chain and the clothing industry.
Fast Fashion
Final work
After my semester abroad in Finland which I liked a lot - I had to start with my final work. I collected a lot of stuff in Finland and I bought plenty of second hand clothes. In the end I had to send a couple of boxes back home to Hanover. When I unpacked all the boxes I realized that I have so many things especially clothes which I don't really need - kind of Dagobert Duck, but only with clothes. I started to question the immense consumption and how I could get there. I always thought that I'm impervious to all the mass consumption and any kind of trend, but still I bought a lot. I worried about different aspects of the clothing industry and the production chain of our clothes. Wouldn't it be nicer if we came back to a simpler life with less consumption and more creativity in doing something by ourselves like sewing, knitting and doing handicrafts?
I collected all my thoughts and ideas and made an illustrated small magazine out of it. It wasn't my purpose to demonize consumption and the clothing industry. My aim was to make people think about their behavior and to give them food for new thoughts and all this in a friendly, creative way without lifting a finger and without pointing at somebody. I want to awaken the interest for the topic I called 'Fast Fashion' and maybe a few will get inspired by my work and will start to be creative again.
To initiate all this I sewed fabric bags out of old linen I found in my closet, afterwards I printed on them. They are used as a packaging for the magazine and the D.I.Y. sewing kit and other promotional items for my non-profit project.