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    Careful Design wardrobe Thor Unbescheid Emily Hung Thea Brogger Amran Ali Verena Knöbl
careful design - make new from old

The result of the ´careful design´ project is a wardrobe entirely made out of wasted wood products. It is made out of the injection molded/ thermoformed Material ´Fasal´, a kind of liquid wood material.

The wardrobe is 100 % biodegradable and if you burry it, it would disappear within 4-6 weeks.
Given one suqare kilometer of the city of London,  we explored the type and amount of waste people throw away every day. We visited waste dumps, schools, households and community facilities, did interviews and a lot of analysis. What do people throw away ? How much of it ? Do they recycle ? Is it easy to do ? etc. . 

The goal was to make a professionally produced and ´new´ appearing product out of wasted wood. 
For the production of the pretty new and thermoformable material ´Fasal´, old wood or cutting scrap is grinded to saw dust, mixed with lignin resin and plastified. Ligning resin is a waste product of the paper making industry and a natural polymer usually found in every tree.

We finally did a booklet about the whole research process which you can take a look at underneath.